Red Lion Folk Club

Wednesday November 13th

Jim Moray

Jim Moray (his sister is the equally well-known Jackie Oates) is one of the most consistently inventive musicians working in traditional folk music today-a pivotal influence on a new generation of folk musicians while still in his 20s. He studied at the Birmingham Conservatoire until 2003 and had played at the Glastonbury Festival and the Cambridge Folk Festival by 2002, winning the BBC2 Horizon Award in 2004. This September he will be playing at the London Folk Festival held at Cecil Sharp House in London. One project which was an immediate success was the False Lights project, a folk-rock band formed with singer and guitarist Sam Carter which was also to expand by 2014 to include more well-known names, headlining Suffolk’s Folk East festival. Jim wrote the music for the new Dr Who spin-off series and is also a producer and mixer. His ‘Upcetera’ solo album released in 2016 was widely acclaimed and his new CD called ‘The Outlander’ made with Sam Sweeney will hopefully be on sale tonight.

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Jim Moray

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