Red Lion Folk Club

Wednesday May 15th

Ben Walker / The Dovetail Trio

Ben Walker was recently hailed as one of 'the best acoustic guitarists in the world right now’ .

A versatile producer as well as a celebrated instrumentalist, he has a passion for putting old jewels in new settings, for bringing together traditional and contemporary music and for playing it like no-one else.

With six critically acclaimed albums and a BBC Folk Award as a duo with Josienne Clarke, Ben’s signature style has been sought after from punk to Proms. The Fox on the Downs, Ben’s first solo record, a deceptively simple instrumental EP came out in 2018. It was immediately picked up by Mark Radcliffe for Radio 2. Reviewers pronounced it ‘jaw-dropping’ and ‘almost obscenely good’.

Presenting England's traditional songs with a bold and fresh approach, The Dovetail Trio explores familiar narratives with infectious energy and a passion for musical heritage. This collaboration effortlessly combines the distinctive voices and acclaimed instrumental talents of BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominee Jamie Roberts, BBC Performing Arts Award winner Rosie Hood, and Newcastle Folk Degree alumnus Matt Quinn. this space.

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